26cm sauté “W”



I used this to make dinner last night and I’m in love.

26cm sauté “W”

  • Type: Tin-lined sauté in hammered finish with an iron handle fitted with three copper rivets
  • French descriptionSauteuse étamée et martelée avec queue de fer munie de trois rivets en cuivre
  • Dimensions: 26cm diameter by 7.7cm high (10.2 inches by 3 inches)
  • Thickness: 3.1mm at rim
  • Weight: 4200g (9.3 lbs)
  • Stampings: “26” and “W”
  • Maker and age estimate: Unknown; 1840s-1880s
  • Source: eBay (UK)

This pan brings together all the things I love about vintage copper: beauty, strength, usefulness, good design, and history. The 26cm (10.2 inch) size is a sweet spot for copper sautés — the diameter provides enough floor space to cook a full meal but the pan is still the right size to be maneuvered around the kitchen. I had this pan freshly retinned and I used it for the first time last night and it performed beautifully. The tin has some slight cloudiness from food contact but the whole thing still gleams.

26cm sauté “W”


This is also an old pan, likely 19th century to judge by its rivets, and perhaps even pre-1880 or so. The internal rivets look machined, but the external rivets look hammered. My guess is that this pan was made between 1840 and 1880 or so.


It has no maker’s mark but carries the stamps “26” and “W.” This pan actually had some nice patina but an over-exuberant tinner wiped it all out. Sigh.

26cm sauté “W”


The rim shows marks from past cooks. I love finding this.

26cm sauté “W”


I have no idea who made it — it could be Dehillerin or Gaillard or another of the ateliers active in the 19th century. I’ll keep gathering clues and come back if I think I find something definitive.

26cm sauté “W”


But no matter who made it, it’s just a great lovely pan and I’m happy to have it.

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