50cm jambonnière ovale



This pot type was intended to braise something as big as an entire ham, and I believe this one could do it.

50cm oval jambonnière

  • Type: Tin-lined ham braiser in hammered finish with brass handles fitted with copper rivets
  • French descriptionJambonnière ovale en cuivre étamé et martelée avec poignées en laiton munies de trois rivets en cuivre
  • Dimensions: 50cm long by 33cm wide by 29cm high (19.7 inches long by 12.8 inches wide by 11.4 inches high)
  • Thickness: 2.5mm at rim
  • Weight: 11204g (24.7 lbs) without lid, 13490g (29.7 lbs) with lid
  • Stampings: “50” on pan and lid
  • Maker and age estimate: Unknown; early 20th century, perhaps 1930s?
  • Source: RubyLane

Oval pans like this are hard to make, and when they are, they’re done entirely by hand. This is a serious restaurant piece and it’s been kept in pretty good shape, I would guess, judging from its good structural integrity (no dents on the body or lid). The seller’s photo is below and you can see that it looks pretty good.

50cm oval jambonnière

I asked the seller to send the pot directly to Erik Undiks at Rocky Mountain Retinning, and Erik did a fabulous job with it.

50cm oval jambonnière

This shape seems to capture light and hold it, like a crystal glass illuminates water.

50cm oval jambonnière

There are no maker’s marks on this pot, which means it could be very old, or perhaps was made by special order for a specific customer and the maker saw no need to brand it. All I can find is “50” on the body and the lid — appropriate to identify the two parts of this 50cm pot.

50cm oval jambonnière

This is a collector piece more than a routine cooking piece and I have it on display on a shelf where it can catch and reflect light from the whole room. I’m happy to have it and happy that Erik at Rocky Mountain worked on it, as I think it’s in gorgeous shape and will be well-kept and preserved for generations to come.

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