Where I buy copper

Unpacking a well-packed panIf you’d like to know the Etsy and eBay sellers that I’ve purchased from, I tag my Gallery pages with the handle of the seller.

My goal here is to encourage business for copper sellers I like, and I don’t ask for or accept any compensation or consideration for this endorsement. If I don’t provide the name of the seller of a particular piece, it’s because it was in my estimation a one-off buy from someone who doesn’t have copper very frequently, or it was a seller that I do not wish to recommend.

I’ve had a good experience with all of these sellers, but you may wish to make note of those from whom I have purchased multiple pieces, as that constitutes perhaps the strongest endorsement I can make.

The links below will show you the pieces on this site from each seller; each post has a link to the seller’s online store.

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