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Gallery | August 29, 2020

The Three Bears

For me, these are straight out of a fairy tale.

Gallery | November 30, 2019

40cm J. Gaillard 4mm rondeau

I think there was a sweet spot in Gaillard production during the first two decades of the 20th century.

Gallery | September 18, 2019

40cm Mauviel truitière

This is one of the few single-purpose pans in the French batterie de cuisine.

Gallery | March 6, 2019

40cm Gaillard rondeau

For me, the appeal of early Gaillard copper like this rondeau is both its craftsmanship and character.

Gallery | December 9, 2018

40cm daubière, “Henry VIII”

This daubière is as dashing as its namesake, Henry VIII of England. Even its handles are cocked with the same rakish élan as the King’s feathered hat.

Gallery | December 9, 2018

40cm Jacquotot oval gratin

This unusually thick oval gratin is the work of Jacquotot, which makes it even more precious to me.

Gallery | December 3, 2018

40cm Duval daubière, “Charlemagne”

Of all the types of copper pots and pans I have, it is the daubières that seem to have the most personality. This one is named Charlemagne.