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Uncategorized | July 1, 2019

All about rolled rims

A rolled rim is an indicator that a copper pan is thin. Sometimes that’s fine, but other times it’s a warning sign of low quality.

Basics | April 7, 2019

All about modern cookware

If you hope to be a discerning buyer of copper cookware, you must know the terms for the different types that are out there.

Uncategorized | December 28, 2018

All about rivets

The way a rivet looks indicates how it was formed and fitted to the pot. I’m coming to suspect that rivets could indicate the era in which a French copper pot was made.

Uncategorized | December 24, 2018

All about the dot

If you see a little dot in the center of a round pan, it’s a sign that it was hand-made.

Uncategorized | December 15, 2018

All about brass handles

Can you look at the shape of a brass loop handle and tell who made the pot? Maybe, but it’s tricky. 

Uncategorized | December 11, 2018

All about dovetails

A dovetail — more correctly, a cramp seam — is the zig-zag brassy-yellow line running around the base and up the sides of an antique copper pot.