Tag: copper care

"Science" | September 8, 2019

How to tell a silver lining from tin

To my eye, a silver lining looks a lot like tin, and I thought it might be useful to be able to tell the difference.

"Science" | April 13, 2019

Funny colors

I turned this pot purple.

Stuff I use | March 20, 2019

Stuff I use: Simichrome metal polish

Simichrome makes copper look gorgeous, but it’s a task that I reserve for display copper that I don’t use very often.

Cleaning & maintenance | February 7, 2019

Cleaning carbonized gunk

If you’re going to own and use vintage tinned copper, you need to understand the value of baking soda in your cleaning arsenal.

Cleaning & maintenance | December 21, 2018

Removing polymerized oils

Sometimes you get stuff on your copper that just won’t come off, and you have to get serious.