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Identification | July 25, 2023

Guest post: Braig and Wagner

“After a while I was quite astonished, when under the thick oxide layer suddenly a company stamp appeared.”

Cooking with copper | November 14, 2022

Guest post: Cold Weather Copper Cooking

It’s autumn, so it’s cold! Like many of you (I bet!) I’ve been craving comfort food and snacks, so I’ve decided to share a handful of my favorite cold weather recipes cooked in copper!

Gallery | March 26, 2022

Guest Post: A Tale of Two Duckies

It can be said that every antique copper pan has a story to tell. Well, pour yourself some tea, because these two are a storied pair.

Cooking with copper | October 22, 2021

Guest post: Chefs and copper

Readers Nick and Martin have gathered some delightful videos of grand French kitchens using copper.