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Gallery | October 16, 2022

46cm 4mm rondeau “CM”

Let’s work through the possible age of this monumental (and unstamped) piece.

Gallery | November 30, 2019

40cm J. Gaillard 4mm rondeau

I think there was a sweet spot in Gaillard production during the first two decades of the 20th century.

Gallery | July 11, 2019

22cm no-name rondeau

This diminutive pan punches well above its weight, so to speak.

Gallery | March 6, 2019

40cm Gaillard rondeau

For me, the appeal of early Gaillard copper like this rondeau is both its craftsmanship and character.

Gallery | December 13, 2018

28cm Havard rondeau

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to use this pan.

Gallery | December 2, 2018

30cm Jules Gaillard rondeau

This is an unrestored pan that I’m not ready to have refurbished because I think it’s just beautiful as it is.

Gallery | December 2, 2018

34cm Dehillerin rondeau

This is the first vintage copper pot I bought, and it’s my favorite.