This website is devoted to vintage French copper cookware because I love it. I collect and cook with vintage French copper and I made this website to celebrate it. This is my hobby, not a business — I don’t show ads, I don’t sell anything, and nobody pays me to do this. I just really love this stuff and I want to talk about it.

My goals are to share what I’ve learned and encourage you to collect and use your copper with more confidence. When I was getting started with vintage copper I was pretty much on my own to figure out what to buy. Most of the “copper cookware” websites I found were trying to get me to buy something; cooking forums with nuggets of good information about copper also had contradictory or even outright wrong information and I didn’t know enough to tell the difference. I wanted to see vintage copper up close, learn about how it was made and who made it, and get advice on what to look for when buying it online, but that place didn’t exist. So I decided to make it. Welcome.

But I’m not always right. I’m an enthusiast, I like doing research, and I’m intellectually curious, but I’m not an expert and I’m certainly not perfect. I work very diligently to research and document what I post here but if you can bring me good information to refute or improve upon something I’ve said, I welcome it. I’m surprised that the history of the vintage French copper cookware industry hasn’t been explored and documented already and so I’m doing the best I can, fueled by genuine appreciation and attention to detail. (The only other resource I’ve found is oldcopper.org but their focus is Britain and not France.) I’d love your help and your enthusiasm. Please comment on posts of mine that interest you or email me at [email protected].

I’m also biased. I’m primarily a collector, and my enthusiasms and preferences are for copper cookware that is heavier in weight and more expensive to buy. There is a growing community of copper enthusiasts with different perspectives from mine and I encourage you to learn from them just as I do. Start with the Copper Cookware sub-Reddit, a free online community with friendly moderators and an active and responsive readership.

This site is non-commercial. As I said above, there is no advertising here and I won’t tolerate others using my site to advertise. I pay for this site out of my own pocket because it’s my hobby. I do not sell vintage French copper (or anything else) and I’m not trying to get you to buy copper from anyone. I have no affiliation with any cookware or manufacturing companies, nor with any online sellers. Any mentions of individuals or businesses are personal endorsements from me based on my own experience, and I am not compensated in any way.

I protect my privacy and I respect yours as well. My comment system asks for your email address but I am the only person who sees it. I run this site all on my own — I have no assistants or anything like that — so anything you share with me just stays with me. If I think our conversation might be of interest to readers, I’ll ask you before I use your words or pictures in a post. My site uses cookies to protect my comment system from spam but I don’t do anything else with that information.

If I provide a link to a product on Amazon, it’s just a normal link like you’d get from a friend. I don’t use affiliate links that kick money back to me. I come across weird sites with sketchy cookware “reviews” that are just platforms for ads, money-making affiliate links, and search engine shenanigans, and I want to reassure you that I am emphatically not doing that. I link to things to make sure you know the specific product I’m talking about, not because there’s any money in it for me. Please find the best deal for you.

I also have an Instagram account. I take photos of my pots and pans as I cook with them. I’m neither a great cook nor a great food photographer, but I hope that showing you old copper in use might encourage you to buy and use it yourself. My Instagram handle is @vintagefrenchcopper.

I love guest posts. Would you like to show off your collection? Do you have a special piece you love? Have you learned about a certain maker and you’d like to share your knowledge with others? This is your place. Email me at [email protected].

I would really like to hear from you, especially if you have a correction for me, as my goal here is to provide information that people can trust. Please leave a comment on posts that interest you, email me at [email protected], or use the form on my Contact page to send an email directly to me.

I occasionally publish reader email as a series of posts called “Dear VFC.” If I’m considering posting a question you’ve emailed me, I’ll ask your permission to use your words and any photos you provide, and I won’t use your name or identifying information. I might lightly edit your question for clarity or to condense the question a bit.

And thank you for stopping by. We all learn from each other, and I’m glad you’re here.