Cooking & Care

Congratulations on adding vintage copper to your batterie de cuisine! Here are posts to help you get started cooking with vintage copper as well as caring for it.

Getting started with copper

New to using this stuff? I put together a single page with some quick tips for you.

Cooking with vintage copper

I came to cooking (and copper collecting) late in the game — I’m still learning how to cook and getting more confident in the kitchen. But one of the revelations about collecting and using copper is that I truly feel that my copper pans help me to be a better cook. The Cooking with vintage copper section of the site gathers what I and others have learned.

Caring for vintage copper

I’ve learned a lot about copper and tin in the course of using and cleaning my vintage pots and pans and I hope my experiences can help you use and care for yours. The Caring for vintage copper section brings these posts together.