Buyer’s Guide

I’ve pulled some information together into an ongoing Buyer’s Guide geared towards helping you evaluate vintage copper and decide what’s right for you. (Are you a copper seller? I have a few tips for you, too.)

Start here!

I’ve put together some pages that I hope can help get you started.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about vintage copper — why I think it’s special, why it’s lined with tin, what it’s like to use and cook with it…
  • Identification for some tips on how to figure out who made a piece of vintage copper (and when!)
  • Advice for suggestions on how to use and care for your vintage copper

Field Guides

Field guide to GaillardThese field guides give some history of some of the notable makers of vintage copper with lots of photos of the pots and pans they made.

(For a quick crash course in the eras of coppersmithing as I see them, please check out Antique vs vintage vs modern.)


How to tell nickel from stainlessCopper pans for general cooking can be lined with tin, stainless steel, nickel, or aluminum, and here’s some basic information about these options.

Buying copper online

Shipping boxes I have known

I’ve bought all my copper pots and pans online and I’ve learned a lot in the process.

My opinions

I’ve formed some opinions about specific brands of copper.


Field guide to MauvielAbove all, I love learning how copper pots and pans were made and about the people who made them.

Grab bag

You may find these posts useful as you learn about copper and build your collection.

Full list of Buyer’s Guide posts

Alternatively, here’s a full listing of all the posts in the Buyer’s Guide category, ordered alphabetically.

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