My problems with Baumalu


I strive to be objective, but sometimes I Have Thoughts.

My goal is to empower you with information to make your own informed choices about buying vintage and antique copper cookware, but I have come to believe that unfortunately not all copper brands are created equal and not all online sellers are honest. I offer these opinion posts (and label them clearly as such) in the hope that you will evaluate my experience against all the other information available to you.


In praise of no-name copper

In praise of no-name copper

Don’t let copper stamps distract you from finding the best deals out there.

Mauviel's path forward

Mauviel’s path forward

Ernest Mauviel must be rolling over in his grave.

My problems with Baumalu

My problems with Baumalu

I won’t call this a field guide.

The demise of Mauviel's cast iron handles

The demise of Mauviel’s cast iron handles

Why did Mauviel stop using cast iron?

Field guide to Mauviel

Counting Mauviel’s rivets

In 2015, Mauviel dropped a rivet from its handles, and as a collector, I think this is a problem for the brand.