Spanish copper and sidewall seams

Reader Javier O. introduces us to the Spanish coppersmith José Preckler and Sons.

Buying online

DITR: The craziest buy I ever made

Oh how I wish I could show you the original eBay listing.


Guest post: Fortt & Sons copper jelly mould

Copper jelly moulds represent a field of collecting in their own right, related to but somehow separate from the general batterie.


DITR: 24cm Miquelard sauté pan

When a seller underestimates the quality of a piece, it can mean that a deal is to be had.


How it was made: High-top daubière

As John Fuller Jr. says, “The cover is a difficult piece of work.”


34cm sauté with fitted lid for Blaser et Cie

This hefty sauté pan is a beautiful example of 1920s-1930s copper.


Guest showcase: 50cm restored Gaillard rondeau

This newly restored pot is so beautifully proportioned that it doesn’t quite come across in photos just how enormous it actually is.


For serious tarnish, Wright’s is more effective — but also more abrasive — than Bistro.

Cleaning & maintenance

A distress call

Reader Theo had a copper emergency.

Retinning & restoration

Guest post: Removing the layers

I’d been watching this pan on eBay for over a month and what attracted me to it was the stamp — “Specialité Hotelière Journel”.