Cooking with copper

Working pans: 30cm antique plat à sauter

This pan is one of the most satisfying buys I have ever made.


Two sautés for Tissier and Émile Duval

The stamps on these pieces are from two stores in Paris at the turn of the 20th century.


55cm plaque à rôtir

This may be one of my less rational acquisitions.


26cm J Gaillard saucepan with hammered base

This pot is a survivor.


How it was made: English stockpot

Let’s look at how a 19th century stockpot was assembled by hand.


Guest showcase: Trio of tinned bains marie

This set of pots aren’t just lovely to look at — they’ve also solved a mystery.


Guest showcase: L. Jean, Legry, and Jacquotot saucepans

A reader has given us an opportunity to see the work of three rare French makers side by side.


For serious tarnish, Wright’s is more effective — but also more abrasive — than Bistro.

Cleaning & maintenance

A distress call

Reader Theo had a copper emergency.

Retinning & restoration

Guest post: Removing the layers

I’d been watching this pan on eBay for over a month and what attracted me to it was the stamp — “Specialité Hotelière Journel”.