Get to know: The écumoire

For quite some time I thought this was a prehistoric spatula.


Guest post: Three pans from three German houses

“So after a while of hesitation, I bought the two pans. Now you know what my good intentions are worth.”


VFC visits Dehillerin

I finally made my pilgrimage to the Dehillerin store at 18 Rue Coquillière in Paris.


Get to know: The Pommes Anna pan

“Never underestimate the metamorphoses that the culinary arts can cause the taste of the potato to undergo.”

Cooking with copper

Guest post: Cold Weather Copper Cooking

It’s autumn, so it’s cold! Like many of you (I bet!) I’ve been craving comfort food and snacks, so I’ve decided to share a handful of my favorite cold weather recipes cooked in copper!


The mystery of the dog-bone handles

Where did these distinctive handles come from?


Guest showcase: 50cm restored Gaillard rondeau

This newly restored pot is so beautifully proportioned that it doesn’t quite come across in photos just how enormous it actually is.


Cleaning & maintenance

Cleaning up tin

Oh, the magic of the soda bath.

For serious tarnish, Wright’s is more effective — but also more abrasive — than Bistro.

Cleaning & maintenance

A distress call

Reader Theo had a copper emergency.

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