Guest post: Anton Vesti

“What a magnificent piece!”


Guest post: Braig and Wagner

“After a while I was quite astonished, when under the thick oxide layer suddenly a company stamp appeared.”


Guest post: Matt’s Danish saucepan

“It is the first I purchased, and the oldest.”

Retinning & restoration

Guest post: Gerhard rescues two sauté pans

“I had a feeling the pans might be something special.”


Get to know: The écumoire

For quite some time I thought this was a prehistoric spatula.


Guest post: Three pans from three German houses

“So after a while of hesitation, I bought the two pans. Now you know what my good intentions are worth.”


Guest showcase: Early and late Jacquotot sautés

A side-by-side comparison of pre-war and post-war Jacquotot construction.


“I had a feeling the pans might be something special.”

Cleaning & maintenance

Cleaning up tin

Oh, the magic of the soda bath.

For serious tarnish, Wright’s is more effective — but also more abrasive — than Bistro.

Buyer's Guide