Cooking with copper

Guest post: In lieu of Halloween

Park your broom and sit for a spell, I have a haunting story to tell…


Trio of Legry saucepans

These very fancy ladies have somehow ended up with the wrong hats.


Guest post: Roger’s 32cm plat à sauter

“It doesn’t quite fit into the usual categories.”


36cm Gaillard for Wagons-Lits rondeau “1706”

This Paris-made pan began its career on trains in Spain and Portugal.

Cooking with copper

Guest post: Amy’s Entree to Copper

Drum roll please…!


Guest post: Jacquotot’s final days

“When you hold one in your hands you can see and feel the high quality of this cookware.”


Guest showcase: 50cm dovetailed turbotière

These kite-shaped fish poachers are perhaps the most eye-catching piece in the classic French batterie de cuisine.


Cleaning & maintenance

Maintenance: Rusty iron handles

The iron handles on early French pans can be susceptible to rust.

Cleaning & maintenance

Maintenance: Metal polish for tarnish

I need to do something about the tarnish popping up on this lovely display piece.

And now, on to the thrilling conclusion!