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This is an experiment.


28cm overstamped mystery sauté

Okay, stamp detectives, get out your magnifying glass — you’ll need it for this one.


36cm Dehillerin stewpot “Cité Universitaire de Paris”

The swing handles are just one unusual element of this pre-war stewpot.

Cooking with copper

Guest post: Amy’s Batterie de Cuisine

My copper cookware collection has grown in its entirety during the last year.


Guest project: Gebrüder Schwabenland

“The person passes, the thing remains.”


14cm double-stamped Vanneuss-Pommier saucepan

This little pot holds a lot of interest for me.


Guest showcase: Two Jules Gaillard oval cocottes

I think these are the work of young Jules Gaillard at the start of his forty-year career.


For serious tarnish, Wright’s is more effective — but also more abrasive — than Bistro.

Cleaning & maintenance

A distress call

Reader Theo had a copper emergency.

Retinning & restoration

Guest post: Removing the layers

I’d been watching this pan on eBay for over a month and what attracted me to it was the stamp — “Specialité Hotelière Journel”.

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