Guest showcase: Early and late Jacquotot sautés

A side-by-side comparison of pre-war and post-war Jacquotot construction.


Guest post: The ice cream bombe

These ice cream molds are a link to a largely forgotten trade.


Copper from the great Parisian department stores

Three 19th century department stores, three lines of custom copper cookware.


24cm Gaillard saute and 27cm Jules Gaillard Windsor

The rare stamp on this sauté is the missing link for me that connects two Gaillard “product lines” at the end of the 19th century.


Guest showcase: 30cm oval cocotte for Blaser et Cie

This lovely cocotte has graceful touches that mark it as an antique pre-war piece.


34cm Jones Bros. saucepan “Moulton Paddocks”

A historical house, a famous owner, a bygone maker — for me, this pot hits the trifecta.


Guest showcase: 50cm dovetailed turbotière

These kite-shaped fish poachers are perhaps the most eye-catching piece in the classic French batterie de cuisine.


Until you have spent some time online reading antique English cookbooks, my friend, you have not lived.

Two 28cm sauté pans, both alike in dignity…

I’m starting to suspect this isn’t an antique French pan but instead a modern reproduction. And a reader has solved the mystery for me!