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Fish poachers

A poissonière is for larger fish like salmon, while a truitière is for smaller fish such as trout.


A gratin is wide and shallow, round or oval, with stick, loop, or ring handles.


Often called poêle in French.

Soup pots

A cylindrical pot with side handles that is taller than it is wide. The tall narrow shape helps heat liquid without exposing too much surface area that would evaporate moisture.


A cylindrical pot with side handles that is as tall as it is wide.

Stamps and makers

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Working pans

A lot of my writeups are on pans fresh from restoration — and they look fabulous. But I use my copper pans too. These are pans I really love and cook with regularly, so you can see what copper in frequent use looks like.

By era

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Guest posts and showcases

These are posts about copper that belong to fans of the site. A “guest post” is written by a reader, while a “guest showcase” is written by me.