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Fish poachers

A poissonière is for larger fish like salmon, while a truitière is for smaller fish such as trout.


A gratin is wide and shallow, round or oval, with stick, loop, or ring handles.


A round pan that is wider than it is tall and fitted with a stick handle. The sauté pan got its name from the French verb sauter, to jump— that is, to agitate the pan so that the food turns over and mixes with oils and flavorings and cooks evenly.

Soup pots

A cylindrical pot with side handles that is taller than it is wide. The tall narrow shape helps heat liquid without exposing too much surface area that would evaporate moisture.


A cylindrical pot with side handles that is as tall as it is wide.

Stamps and makers

Allez FrèresBaumaluBonjourBourgeatBridge KitchenwareChomette FavorDehillerinDuvalGaillardGrands Magasins du LouvreHavardJacquototLee & WilkesLecellierLefèvre FrèresMatferMauvielPichonPeter BruxPommier


BehemothsHistorical interestNot copperNot FrenchWorking pans

Not French

My focus is copper made in France, but I also have a few pieces that aren’t French. I’ve written them up for you because I think it’s useful to see the craftsmanship from other regions — and also because I love them, too!

Working pans

A lot of my writeups are on pans fresh from restoration — and they look fabulous. But I use my copper pans too. These are pans I really love and cook with regularly, so you can see what copper in frequent use looks like.

By era

Early industrial (pre-1870)Golden Age (1870-1939)War and post-war (1940-1960)Renaissance (1960-2000)Modern (2000-present)Mauviel Early Modern (Late 1960s to 2007)Mauviel Transitional Modern (2007-2011)Mauviel Late Modern (2011-present)
None yet!

Guest posts and showcases

I love it when readers share their copper collections and stories!

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