Where I buy copper

I am happy to recommend some online sellers with whom I’ve had a great experience.

Unpacking a well-packed panAnd by “a great experience,” I mean that over the course of multiple interactions, these sellers described their pieces completely and accurately, priced them fairly, packed them carefully, and responded to questions with knowledge and patience. They made me feel more confident buying copper online and I believe that you will have that same experience if you choose to buy from them.

And to be clear, I make this endorsement based only on my purchasing experience. I do not ask for nor do I accept any favorable treatment.

The table below lists my recommended sellers with a link directly to their website or online storefront, along with the pieces I’ve bought from them so you can see some examples.

Seller Pieces in my collection
barttof (eBay)
FrenchAntiquity (Etsy)
harestew (eBay)
lazylou2002 (eBay)
Newlyn Tinning
Normandy Kitchen Copper
pwm154 (eBay)
Southwest Hand Tinning