I’m a curious person and I’ve poked around a bit in the physics and chemistry of copper and tin to understand why copper pots behave the way they do.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Tarnish, Part 1: The beginning is about tarnish itself — what it is and what I think the different colors mean.
  • Tarnish, Part 2: The end is about how tarnish removers work.
  • Funny colors is about a particular pot that became gloriously, beautifully tarnished, and how I cleaned it.
  • The zig-zags discusses patterns that form in tin when it’s exposed to heat and acid.
  • Doing bad things to copper is an experiment applying bleach, muriatic acid, and hydrogen peroxide to copper to see what happens.
  • How to tell a silver lining from tin goes through a few home methods to tell a silver-lined pan from a tinned one, and might come in handy if you are considering buying a silvered pan or have one you suspect might be silver.

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