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Gallery | September 18, 2019

40cm Mauviel truitière

This is one of the few single-purpose pans in the French batterie de cuisine.

Gallery | February 28, 2019

30cm Mauviel sauté

This is a beautiful example of Mauviel craftsmanship, and looking closely at it, I can make some educated guesses as to when it was made.

Gallery | December 9, 2018

40cm daubière, “Henry VIII”

This daubière is as dashing as its namesake, Henry VIII of England. Even its handles are cocked with the same rakish élan as the King’s feathered hat.

Buying online | December 6, 2018

Unpacking a well-packed pan

I had the great good fortune to buy a lovely heavy sauté pan from Harestew, who is very conscientious about packing copper very safely. Take a look at the work of a master.