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Field guides | May 29, 2019

Field guide to Havard

Havard is one of the few 19th-century Villedieu coppersmiths that survives to this day.

Field guides | May 27, 2019

Field guide to Lecellier

A piece of Lecellier copper is the work of a family with centuries of history in Villedieu.

Stamps | April 18, 2019

Index of store stamps

Sometimes vintage copper isn’t stamped by the place that made it but instead with the name of the store that sold it. This post is an ongoing effort to document them.

Field guides | January 19, 2019

Field guide to Matfer

This is going to be an unusual field guide to Matfer copper because I don’t think Matfer ever made any.

Field guides | December 7, 2018

Field guide to Dehillerin

Anyone who ventures into the world of vintage French copper cookware will quickly come across the name Dehillerin, an iconic and photogenic kitchenware store operating in Paris since 1890.

Field guides | December 6, 2018

Field guide to Gaillard

I have a deep interest in the work of Gaillard — they made copper pots from the early 1800s to the 1980s and their early pots are considered real masterpieces.