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Uncategorized | December 11, 2018

All about dovetails

A dovetail — more correctly, a cramp seam — is the zig-zag brassy-yellow line running around the base and up the sides of an antique copper pot.

Gallery | December 10, 2018

38cm daubière, “Henry VI”

I had a really clever reason for naming this daubière after Henry VI, but really, when it comes down to it, they just look so much alike.

Gallery | December 9, 2018

40cm daubière, “Henry VIII”

This daubière is as dashing as its namesake, Henry VIII of England. Even its handles are cocked with the same rakish élan as the King’s feathered hat.

Gallery | December 3, 2018

40cm Duval daubière, “Charlemagne”

Of all the types of copper pots and pans I have, it is the daubières that seem to have the most personality. This one is named Charlemagne.